SEAM AS is a leading supplier of zero-emission solutions to the maritime industry.

Our overarching goal is to find, develop and deliver the zero-emission solutions that will enable and secure your transition to, and future with, green shipping.

We aim to make your voyage towards environmental and operational efficiency as predictable and risk-free as possible, by developing, delivering, and implementing cost-reductive and future-ready technology and systems.
A Partner in Zero- Emission Solutions
As maritime technology is continuously evolving, choosing the right energy solution for your vessels can be a daunting task. We will help you choose the most efficient solutions for your vessels and operations.

We focus on enabling our customers to take an idea or request from concept to integrated and fully functional product or system. With our Service department supporting the vessel and crew throughout the ship’s entire life cycle, your vessel and vessel optimization are in good hands.
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Our Portfolio
The SEAM portfolio consists of complete systems and in-house developed products, ranging from integrated control and automation systems, EMS/PMS, propulsion control, driver, switchboards, electric motors, transformers, all the way to bridge solutions. Our wide range of products are named e-SEAMatic® and e-SEA®.

Our extensive scope of work can be applied with great success to both new builds as well as retrofit and conversion of existing vessels. This is particularly the case for technology to achieve zero emissions or a significant reduction in emissions.
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Our company has roots back to 1988 as a continuation of ABB Marine in Ølensvåg and the acquisition of UniAutomation in 2004
In 2012 we also acquired Simonsen Elektro AS, which strengthened our position within marine service particularly.
SEAM became our name in 2021 when we were acquired by Longship Fund II. Prior to that event, our name was Westcon Power & Automation AS and we were a part of Westcon Group.
In 2021, our Industry Service department was sold to Helgevold Elektro AS, as a part of our aim to focus solely on maritime solutions.
Today, we are one of the leading developers and suppliers of zero-emission solutions to the maritime industry.
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