Being able to combine the benefits of hybrid operation when fully electric solutions come short, may give significant reductions in emissions and more optimized operational costs. With SEAM Hybrid Energy Systems, you can optimize your vessel now and be prepared for the future.
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A Flexible Solution for the Future

As maritime technology is continuously evolving, choosing the right energy solution for your vessels can be a daunting task. A hybrid solution from SEAM can be tailored for the future, with more flexible and resilient propulsion systems which can later be adapted to other fuel sources, such as hydrogen, ammonia, and biofuel.

Vessels such as ferries, passenger- and tourist vessels, cargo vessels and many more may benefit greatly from hybrid energy systems. Either for pure range extension or as an optimized way of running your gensets. Save fuel and reduce your environmental footprint by optimizing the load when your gensets are online.

Redundancy & Peakshaving

The hybrid system can either improve your redundancy by adding as an additional energy source, or it can maintain it by substituting a genset and give you significant fuel reductions. Short-circuit ride through capabilities are built in.

Our hybrid energy systems are designed and developed for optimized peakshaving of your gensets. Reduce the need for starting the next standby generator on temporary peaks in load and let your gensets run with a less stressing governor controller. Longer engine maintenance intervals are a bonus.

Hybrid Solutions

The e-SEAMatic® BLUE hybrid solutions comprise of an integration of our sophisticated control system e-SEAMatic® EPMS and our powerful e-SEA® Drive. These products, in combination with our specialist knowledge and expertise in maritime systems, provide you with an energy efficient and reliable hybrid installation. Our solutions may be tailored to fit your needs.

Hybrid Energy System

Our well proven hybrid energy system (HES) may be retrofitted as containerized modules on offshore support- and construction vessels. Significant reductions of fuel consumption and emissions are achieved, especially on vessels with much time using dynamic positioning (DP) and requirements for redundancy.

Automatic stop/start features may be added as needed and reduced running hours and maintenance costs are additional bonuses.

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