We are one of very few system developers and integrators that already have experience with integrating hydrogen fuel cells. With us you will find a trusted advisor and partner in finding and developing the right solution for your vessel.
Long Range
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Green Power Solutions

Our fully electric systems may be expanded with hydrogen fuel cells and plant to achieve an optimal solution for long-range, zero-emission operations. As a result, you will benefit from all the superior electric advantages and still not have to worry about range limitations.

Hydrogen in a SEAM-shell

Hydrogen fuel cells convert the chemical energy in hydrogen into electricity by supplying oxygen from air. Achieve full control and optimization, efficient operations by combining the technology from our control systems and power electronics for energy conversion, while maintaining safety through thorough risk assessment and -mitigations.

Built on our Power Management System

The e-SEAMatic® BLUE hydrogen-electric solutions comprise of an integration of our sophisticated control system e-SEAMatic® EPMS, our powerful e-SEA® Drive for energy conversion, together with a reliable battery system and fuel cell. Together with our expertise and know-how on zero-emission operations and maritime integrations, it is an award-winning combination.

Safety First

As any chemically stored energy, hydrogen can be potentially hazardous – particularly due to the low ignition energy and small molecules. In our integrations, safety always comes first, and we work closely with national maritime authorities and Class societies to achieve safe and reliable hydrogen solutions.

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