Tailor-made products

We always strive to deliver products that are well suited to solve the tasks that the clients really ask for, applying for both new-build and retrofit projects.

Our tailor-made e-SEA® products may be delivered as stand-alone systems but can also be a seamlessly integrated part of our own superior e-SEAMatic platform, which in itself supports flexibility in both complexity and scalability.

Our in-house development allows us to both use well proven, standardized solutions when useful – and to develop specific functionality when required because of new requirements.

Domain knowledge

Only a tailor with experience and knowledge in his field knows how to craft a high-quality tailored suit. This applies also when customizing products that must serve important or essential functions on a ship or other installations.

Tailor making using off-the-shelf components

We always use reliable suppliers and spare parts that are easily available worldwide. The regulatory demands are always met, and a case-by-case marine approval is provided for the entire system, if required.

In-house workshop

Our fully equipped workshop facility enables us to provide products that are fitted to the actual plant considering conditions like space, weight, environment factors and the need for distribution of cabinets. Customer specific layout of for example control panels can be designed.

Risk reduced by extensive testing

Bringing entirely new functionality out alive can sometimes reveal unwanted discoveries. Our testing laboratory for power and automation systems gives us the opportunity to test the capability of customer specific solutions in a safe environment before putting into operation.

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