With increasingly more data available, the sea of information can be overwhelming. Our job is to make sure the correct information is presented to the correct personnel when they need it and keep everything running smoothly on your vessel.

Vessel Monitoring with our IAS

The heart of the vessel is its integrated automation system (IAS). Our comprehensive e-SEAMatic® IAS keeps your vessel running whilst monitoring and gathering the data you need. The onboard IAS can also be linked up to the charging solutions on the quay side. We work in close cooperation with our customers to ensure quality of data and to select which information shall be available.

Always Available

We gather the data you need and make it available where you need it. Our Cronolog system can accumulate data, perform onboard analysis, and make data available on a cloud server or on a fleet management software.

Data Safety

We work hard to keep your data safe. Our systems and communications protocols are built in close cooperation with DNV, and we continuously work with a holistic and built-in cyber security approach to our digital solutions.

Remote Service

Our digital solutions enable us to never be more than a few clicks away from helping our clients. Service operators can access our products and systems remotely, see historic trends and perform advanced analysis without ever stepping on your vessel.

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