We have experience with, and in-depth knowledge on, most challenges that may occur on vessels in operation.

Main Services:

  • Switchboard modifications or upgrades
  • Delivery and retrofitting of new generators
  • Delivery and retrofitting drives for most applications (propulsion, cranes, pumps, winches etc.)
  • Switchboard testing, testing of protection settings and other similar tests (for instance in relation with Classification surveys)
  • Technical support and clearing of technical pendings after Classification surveys
  • Troubleshooting, fault finding, measurements, analysis and assessments
  • Troubleshooting, service and upgrades of generator voltage regulations (AVRs)
  • Infrared thermography (IRT) and thermal imaging of electrical switchboards and components
  • Installation of first- or third-party equipment
  • Technical assistance for Client during FMEA-testing
  • Technical assistance on site during installation, commissioning and testing

A SEAM technician working onboard a vessel
Our skilled technical personell have in-depth knowledge on most challenges that may occur on board your vessel.

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