Propulsion Control Systems

Propulsion control systems series for control, safety and monitoring of propulsion and manoeuvring plants on board all kinds of marine vessels.

The e-SEAMatic® PROCOS (propulsion control systems) series is the control system concept from SEAM dedicated for control, safety and monitoring of propulsion and maneuvering plants on board all kinds of marine vessels.

It is built on the flexible automation platform e-SEAMatic®.

PROCOS may consist of one stand-alone system or of a comprehensive set of segregated, autonomous sub-systems in various clusters as for example:

  • PCS – Propulsion Control System
  • TCS – Thruster Control System
  • RCS – Rudder Control System
  • ACS – Azimuth Control System  


The system philosophy with regards to redundancy for equipment that is essential for propulsion and steering of the vessel (e.g. a port and starboard propeller) is duplication of the systems, ie. a full split between port and starboard throughout the whole design. Control systems for such essential equipment is equipped with separate power supplies and independent PLCs. Safety functions are taken care of by a backup PLC having the role as a backup-controller and must be independent from the main PLC acc. to the rules. This is required so that no single failure in an active component will affect the propulsion power or the maneuverability.


The e-SEAMatic® PROCOS includes all required and necessary functions.

Integrated control functions:
Command Transfer, Synchro Levers, Pitch-/Speed-/Load Control, Load Sharing / Overload Protection etc.

Control & monitoring of:        
Electrical and/or diesel engines, gear, clutch, propeller shaft and stern tube.

All suited for single or dual propeller plants. Controllable or fixed pitch versions.

User interface

The e-SEAMatic® PROCOS may be delivered in several variants and fully customized control stations featuring:

  • Control Levers: Position / Speed / Directional
  • Position Indicators: Position / Speed / Directional (consoles and overhead compartment)
  • Operator Displays: 7-21” widescreen touch, dimmable backlight.
  • Panel Switchgear: Conventional panel switchgear / Soft buttons

All units are fully adapted to the actual vessel. Delivered as loose parts or preassembled in consoles.

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