e-SEA® Drive is our comprehensive product range of drives and state-of-art power electronics which can be used wherever there is a need for efficient energy conversion.

Energy efficient power electronics

Modern, compact and energy efficient power electronics in combination with sophisticated control makes e-SEA® Drive the perfect choice for motor control, main propulsion, thrusters, generators, micro grids, active front end rectifiers (AFE), DCDC-converters and DC bus-tie solutions, to mention a few common applications.

Tried, tested and proven in practice

Both hardware and software in the e-SEA® Drive range is designed and developed to embrace and support the green shift in the maritime market and come with all necessary Class approvals. It may also be used with great success in onshore industrial applications. Choosing e-SEA® Drive lets you benefit from our know-how and many years of experience with practical drive applications for demanding processes.

Enabling fully electric and hybrid solutions

For the green shift to take place, energy conversion is an important element. e-SEA® Drive provides you with efficient solutions for the most demanding tasks. The e-SEA® Drive offering is available as a standalone product fit for purpose and tailored to fit customers' needs. It is also used as an important building block together with our other products in the integrated e-SEAMatic® BLUE solutions for fully electric or hybrid vessels, which typically involves battery systems and fuel cells.

Modular system

Our e-SEA® Drive is based on a modular design and can be delivered as a standalone product or as a multi-drive switchboard assembled to fit your specific needs. The range is available as both air-cooled and liquid cooled options, in various voltage ranges and from few kilowatts to several megawatts in power.

Complexity made easy!

Either used as a standalone drive with tailored interface or as a part of an integrated system delivery, our knowledge and experience make the e-SEA® Drive a perfect choice for your application.

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