Energy and Power Management System

Sophisticated Energy and Power Management System with a wide range of control tasks.

Stand-alone or fully integrated

The system can be delivered as a stand-alone system or fully integrated in our e-SEAMatic® IAS as they share the same e-SEAMatic® control system platform. The e-SEAMatic® EPMS handles a wide range of control task stretching from conventional diesel-electric vessels to hybrid, fully electric or even a hydrogen plant.

In an e-SEAMatic® BLUE solution, the e-SEAMatic® EPMS integrates our e-SEA® Drive, e-SEA® Switchboard, battery systems and fuel cells directly into a seamless control system. The e-SEAMatic® EPMS suites both new builds and retrofit, and can interface any 3. part system.

Peakshaving and optimized control

Key functionalities in the e-SEAMatic® EPMS is optimized energy and power control.

For Hybrid solutions, our efficient Peakshaving functionality comes as a standard.

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