A Look Inside SEAM

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October 6, 2022
How has the 130-employee strong company been able to build and maintain a community that works together to make a difference in maritime operations? We took a look inside SEAM to find out.

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SEAM aims to help maritime companies reach their efficiency and environmental goals. Since its beginning in 2003, the maritime technology company has positioned itself as one of the leading suppliers of zero-emission solutions to ships and the maritime business in Norway.

In order to tackle some of the world’s biggest maritime challenges, they are dependent on working together as a team and supporting each other through the uncertain waters of developing new, and often untried, solutions.

With just over 130 employees, how does the company preserve a strong sense of community and teamwork? To find an answer, we went directly to the source.

Working with the green shift

Ørjan Sørdal Fosen has been a part of the SEAM-team for four years and has his degree in Machine engineering from Bergen. Born and raised in Haugesund, he is proud to be a part of an innovative company that had its humble beginnings at Haugalandet.

– To be able to work in a technology company close to where I grew up, that is so enterprising, has been an amazing opportunity. We really are in the center of the green shift, which is exactly what I want to work with

His colleague, Ragnhild Opsal Skaar, agrees; she too finds great motivation in knowing that what they do actually makes a difference.

Ørjan Sørdal Fosen is motivated by knowing that what they do makes a difference

– It makes me really proud to be a part this company; I truly believe in what we do and what we stand for. Working towards the green shift is something that is particularly close to my heart, and it makes my work feel meaningful.

Working closely together means also being able to ask for help when needed. Ørjan says this has been imperative for his professional development.

– There are so many competent people at SEAM who I can go to when I need help with something. It doesn’t matter what the question is, because at the end of the day it’s all about further developing skills and knowledge.

Having that level of support means having a community, he says.

– There are over 130 people working here, but everyone knows everyone by their first name, and so there’s a really strong sense of unity. Working at SEAM makes me feel like one of the lucky ones.

Maintaining positivity

Ragnhild Opsal Skaar started working at SEAM in 2019.

Adding to her colleague’s statement, Ragnhild explains that supporting each other means having a sense of optimism in the company.

– We have this great positivity between us where we support and help each other. I can always go across different departments for help if I need it.

Ragnhild has been working at SEAM since 2019. Together with Ørjan, they organize and run the company’s employee welfare club and sports teams.

– We have a many different activities that we do together. Such as our company sports teams. We also organize different social activities outside of work; like going out together or arranging different social events. That level of community really makes working here very rewarding and fun, she explains.

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