Mayor of Haugesund, Arne Christian Mohn, completes one-day summer internship at SEAM, emphasizing the importance of maritime innovation and collaboration

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July 3, 2023
[Haugesund, Norway - June 30, 2023] - The Mayor of Haugesund, Arne Christian Mohn, recently embarked on a one-day summer internship at SEAM, a leading maritime technology company based in Karmøy.

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The mayor’s visit aimed to deepen his understanding of SEAM's groundbreaking green maritime technology and foster collaboration between the public administration and private companies in driving innovation.

During his internship, Mayor Arne Christian Mohn engaged in a comprehensive program that included theoretical and practical training in SEAM's systems and products. He received in-depth explanations about the criteria for continued development and the vital role played by the public administration and maritime clusters in shaping Haugalandet as an important maritime capital in Norway.

Mohn expressed his admiration for the pivotal role companies like SEAM play in developing, strengthening, and promoting the maritime sector in Haugalandet.

- Haugalandet is a very important maritime capital in Norway. Companies such as SEAM play a crucial role in the development, strengthening, and exposure of this maritime capital. Some of the most exciting and innovative maritime solutions are being developed here, many of them at SEAM's headquarters at Karmøy.

Arne Christian Mohn completed both theoretical and practical training during his one-day summer internship at SEAM.

The mayor has been a staunch advocate of collaboration between municipalities in the Haugaland region and public-private partnerships to drive green and innovative solutions. He highlighted the autonomous city boat pilot project led by Haugesund municipality, expressing their ambition to develop one of the world's first autonomous passenger ferries.

- By working closely with private companies who possess the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to push technological boundaries, we can jointly achieve our zero-emission ambitions. Innovation is happening, and it's our job as public administrators to provide the right framework and criteria for companies such as SEAM to push our region further — technologically and operationally, while raising awareness of the extraordinary developments taking place here.

The Mayor gained practical experience at the SEAM workshop, under supervision by experts in their field.

Reflecting on his time at SEAM, Mohn emphasized the value of the experience. He gained insights into the meticulous efforts and resources invested in each production to ensure the highest quality products. Additionally, he witnessed the complexity of power and automation systems, emphasizing the importance of SEAM's access to expertise and competence in electro- and automation engineering, software development, and maritime systems.

The mayor’s visit to SEAM showcased the collaborative spirit between public and private entities, fostering innovation,and accelerating the region's development as a maritime hub. It underlined the commitment of Haugesund and the Haugaland region to sustainable, groundbreaking solutions in the maritime sector.

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