Norwegian technology chosen for world’s first ammonia-powered, zero-emission vessel with cracking and fuel cells.

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March 7, 2023
SEAM AS has been chosen as Amogy’s system integrator and partner for the development of an ammonia-powered, zero-emission tugboat which will run on energy from hydrogen, through cracking of ammonia - a demonstrator-project by Amogy.

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Together with their client Amogy, SEAM will work on retrofitting a tugboat, converting its original diesel generators and electric motors to Amogy’s in-house developed ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solution.


Amogy's highly efficient ammonia-to-power technology feeds liquid ammonia through its cracking modules integrated into a fuel cell system, which powers the electric motors for zero-carbon transport. In this project, Amogy will scale the system up to a full 1 MW.


SEAM will deliver power system, integrated automationsystem, and safety system, designed to provide optimal energy efficiency, through their e-SEAMatic® brand, as well as a battery system and electrical motor for main propulsion. Amogy’s technology will be integrated with this complete e-SEAMatic® BLUE package.


As an experienced developer and integrator of hybrid-, battery- and hydrogen technology, this demonstrator-project represents a natural evolution of SEAM’s zero- and low-emission solutions, which the company has developed and delivered since 2016.  


This project also provides a strategically important introduction of SEAM to the North American market, which will increase their reach and ability to market green technology to the maritime sector, while demonstrating how batteries, hydrogen and ammonia may be key to unlocking fully emission-free maritime operations.   

- SEAM is a very important partner for us. Their in-depth technical knowledge, and long experience with the integration of various energy sources and the development of complex systems, is an important contribution to the implementation and realization of the project. With SEAM's flexibility and expertise, and through close collaboration, we will together find the most optimal solutions, says Christian Berg, general manager of Amogy Norway.

Pål G. Eide, R&D manager at SEAM, believes this project may kickstart a new age of green technology in the maritime industry.


- We are very excited to work with the Amogy-team and have great confidence in their solution. We believe this collaboration will result in groundbreaking technological achievements that may substantially impact the industry’s journey towards zero-emission shipping. This is possible through a close collaboration between Amogy and SEAM. Our strengths lie in customizing solutions and enabling ship owners to realize their energy efficiency goals with future-ready technology - this project is a great example of that.  

Illustration: Amogy Inc.

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