Realizing battery/hybrid ambitions for Eidesvik Offshore

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January 6, 2022
Hybrid solutions play a big part in making the green shift possible in the maritime market. The first ever hybrid/battery solution for offshore vessels was developed for Eidesvik’s Viking Energy – a supply vessel contracted by Equinor.

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The system developed for Viking Energy stemmed from Equinor’s ambition to reduce the fuel emissions from contracted offshore supply ships. Eidesvik Offshore answered by converting their 5073-ton offshore ship to battery/hybrid operations.

The battery is used for peak shaving, by quickly contributing power under challenging conditions. The biggest advantage, however, is how the battery pack works as a backup for the main engine under dynamic positioning operations.

The system was a success. It reduced emissions and consumption with 30% during dynamic positioning and even increased crew safety on board.

After receiving funds to invest in hybrid/battery solutions for their offshore vessels, Eidesvik came to SEAM with a need to develop and implement these systems onto two more vessels. And then, three more.

Project Manager at SEAM, Jarle Hemnes, has been a part of the project since the beginning.

Project Manager at SEAM, Jarle Hemnes

– Traditionally, SEAM has delivered mostly service and maintenance to Eidesvik, but the biggest part of our delivery to Eidesvik the past few years has been hybrid solutions and battery installations.

Hybrid solutions play a big part in making the green shift possible in the maritime market. Being able to combine the benefits of hybrid operation when fully electric solutions come short give significant reductions in emissions and more optimized operational cost.

– Together with Eidesvik, our technical team and our sales team, we were able to develop an optimal solution for their vessels. We are working on three now and have delivered three already – totaling up to six hybrid/battery deliveries to Eidesvik.

In total, SEAM has delivered thirteen hybrid/battery solutions to customers within the offshore market. According to Hemnes, each vessel contributes more knowledge to the automation and maritime technology supplier.

– We acquire a lot of experience from different vessels – no vessel is similar. The integration on each vessel becomes like a whole new experience, and our product keeps getting better and better, both technically and visually. We definitely grow a lot from that.

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