SEAM and AHO Collaborate on Innovative Bridge Alert Management System

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September 18, 2023
SEAM has forged a strong partnership with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), marking an exciting chapter in the world of maritime innovation. This collaboration, in conjunction with AHO's Open Bridge team under the guidance of Kjetil Nordby, has set the stage for groundbreaking developments in SEAM's software and product offerings.

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One of the standout highlights of this collaboration was the engagement of talented students Astrid Mathilde Boberg and Erikka Sørensen, who worked part-time with SEAM during the last school year and during the entire summer.


These students played a pivotal role in designing a new product aligned with SEAM's vision for the future. Their contributions have been so significant that Astrid Boberg will continue to work with SEAM part-time throughout the school year, solidifying the synergy between academia and industry.


The project that unfolded under this collaboration aimed to support the development of novel products closely intertwined with OpenBridge, the brainchild of Kjetil Nordby at AHO. At its core, this venture sought to enhance SEAM's Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS), heralding a new era in maritime safety and efficiency.


The Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) is an innovative alert system designed to provide ship operators with rapid situational awareness upon entering the bridge. As the maritime industry navigates toward unmanned vessels, BAMS is poised to seamlessly integrate critical information from both the bridge and the control room into its framework.


This collaboration exemplifies the dynamic fusion of academic prowess and industry expertise. SEAM and AHO, along with the invaluable contributions of Astrid Boberg, Erikka Sørensen, and student groups within UX-design at AHO, are at the forefront of pioneering solutions that will redefine maritime technology.


The Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the relentless pursuit of safer, smarter, and more efficient maritime operations. The future of the maritime industry is brighter, thanks to initiatives like these that bridge the gap between academia and industry, propelling us toward uncharted horizons in maritime technology.

Erikka Sørensen (left) and Astrid Mathilde Boberg (right) from Oslo School of Architecture and Design have been working closely with SEAM during the summer.
Read more about Open Bridge here.

Did you know: our bridge solutions, e-SEA® Bridge, was developed with a strong focus on user experience and is based on the OpenBridge design principles? Read more about this celebrated product here.

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