SEAM AS becomes co-owner of Informasjonskontroll AS

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November 30, 2022
SEAM AS becomes co-owner of Informasjonskontroll AS (IK) with a little more than 50% of the external shares, and gains access to their specialized expertise.

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Since 1969, IK has supplied specially developed automation and system solutions to major players such as The Norwegian Defense Research Institute, Kongsberg Gruppen, Circle K and Haugaland Kraft. IK was responsible for the development of both the electronics and the software for “Kraftpluggen” – a large-scale investment by Haugaland Kraft.

Øyvind Mikkelsen, General manager at Informasjonskontroll AS. Photo: SEAM

– We have been based on Karmøy for 7 years, but the company has its roots in Kjeller in Eastern Norway, when Martin Vånar founded Informasjonskontroll AS in the late 1960s, explains Mikkelsen.

Mikkelsen sees great demand in South-West Norway for the specialist expertise the company offers. Large parts of 2023 have already been sold and IK needs more skilled employees to be able to take on new, exciting projects in the coming year, he says.

– It can be challenging to obtain these services locally – companies often need to go to other parts of the country or even abroad to access the specialist expertise we offer. We must make it clear to both potential customers and employees that this expertise is cultivated locally on Karmøy. With support from SEAM, we can make it happen.

SEAM is a leading developer of zero-emission solutions for the maritime industry and has, among other deliveries, supplied the hydrogen systems for MF Hydra – the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry. They have also been a partner and supplier for both Eidesvik Offshore and Solstad Offshore in the hybridization of their offshore fleets.

IK and SEAM have had close communication for some time, but their collaboration only became official at the start of 2021.

– SEAM is one of our largest clients and we have had a close dialogue with them for a long time, even before they changed owners and name. We see it as a great recognition, that they now want to be involved in our development and support us in the work to further develop the strong, local professional environment we have here at Karmøy.

Gunvald Mortvedt, CEO of SEAM, believes this collaboration is an important step in building a local competence environment around automation and software development. He sees great opportunities in closer cooperation between the two companies.

Gunvald Mortvedt is excited to see what this collaboration will bring forth. Photo: SEAM
Gunvald Mortvedt, CEO of SEAM. Photo: SEAM

– IK are very skilled, especially in terms of software development, and we see great potential in joining them on their journey – not least to cultivate a local competence environment. They have a slightly different environment and profile to us, and we see great value in having access to their specialized expertise.

SEAM has a promising order intake for both 2023 and 2024, with projects involving the development of ground-breaking technology to reduce emissions and streamline operations in the maritime sector. A stronger professional environment to attract both newly qualified and experienced automation and software developers will therefore be important going forward, he explains.

– We now have the opportunity to gain access to even more skilled professionals for our own projects, while at the same time contribute to further developing the professional environment that already exists on Karmøy and in Haugesund. There is a lot of exciting things happening in Haugalandet in connection with technology development, which will be important to make visible to both business and potential employees.

SEAM enters as a owner with 50% of external shares, but IK will work independently, Mortvedt states.

– We want to contribute to the growth of IK and work more closely with them, but they will manage the day-to-day operations themselves.

With major projects in the pipeline for both companies, Mortvedt and Mikkelsen look forward to a closer collaboration in the future.

– We look forward to seeing what this collaboration brings forth, concludes Mikkelsen.

Both are excited to see what this partnership brings forth. Photo: SEAM

Learn more about Informasjonskontroll AS here.

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