SEAM wins ‘Company of the Year 2021’

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May 25, 2022


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Last Friday, 20th of May, SEAM was awarded ‘Company of the Year 2021’ by Næringsforeningen Haugalandet. The award ceremony took place at the annual Haugaland Conference, and the award was accepted by Gunvald Mortvedt, Stian Risdal, Otto Koch, Pål G. Eide, Karl Johan Ferkingstad and Helge Jørgensen.

SEAM was nominated together with Seagarden, Reach Subsea and Olaussens Metall. Each company had to fulfill these five criteria in order to receive a nomination;

This was the jury’s reasoning:

‘All the finalists in this year’s competition meet the criteria for the award quite well. Never have the margins been smaller, nor the competition been harder.

One of the criteria for this award is that the company is headquartered at Haugalandet. This year’s winner doesn’t only have its HQ in this region, but it also uses the region as a strategic advantage for its operations.

Furthermore, the company has a strong focus on using local suppliers and has a strong commitment to help build a unique and leading community at Haugalandet within its industry.

They are actively participating in clusters and networks, both regionally as well as industry-specific, and are actively using their network to promote sustainable innovations.

The economic growth of the company has been excellent. Their turnover over the last five years has doubled and their profitability is one of the best in their industry.

In competition with far bigger companies, this year’s winner is leading in its industry – not just nationally, but also internationally. With their unique implementation model, they have acquired a market share of 30 percent, and have won numerous awards for their solutions.

With a business model based on the Green shift, this year’s winner is using considerable resources on research and development in order to develop even greener solutions, all in close dialogue with its customers. The company also has a strong focus on its own footprint and has made use of of energy saving measures such as solar panels, waste management, and recycling.

Their portfolio includes, among others, hybrid technology, charging technology and world-class zero-emission solutions, and the solutions this company offers has a direct impact on their customers’ climate footprints.

The competent team at Husøy tells us that it feels rewarding to be able to work with solutions that actually matter in terms of solving climate challenges, and the possibilities are endless.’

We wish to thank the jury, again, for their kind words and this special honor. It serves as a great motivation in our work ahead to help our customers, and the maritime industry as a whole, in reducing emissions, creating more efficient operations, and developing new solutions that may help our industry become even more future-oriented.

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