Exploring innovation and learning at SEAM – Sildikon Valley 2023

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August 18, 2023
In the dynamic realm of maritime technology and innovation, the Sildikon Valley program has emerged as a transformative platform for young talents seeking to merge theory with hands-on experience. This summer, Andreas Våge Sørbotten, Daniel Evensen, and Andreas Bruvik, embarked on a collective journey at SEAM, gaining insights, expanding their knowledge, and embracing real-world challenges.

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A Convergence of Learning and Insight

During their time at SEAM, these interns delved into the project of demonstrating proof of concept for live data reading, acquisition, and analysis from a typical marine power automation setup. The three students have all gained valuable experiences from implementing theory into practice.

- I’ve learned much about Cyber Security and gained a deeper understanding of how PLS and Drives operate practically. What will help me the most in my studies is to see the connection between how the components work in theory and practice, Andreas Våge Sørbotten explains.

Daniel Evensen's experience included insights into the communication dynamics between IoT devices and hardware. He also delved into data communication, understanding its practical functioning and secure implementation.

Andreas Bruvik further enriched his knowledge by focusing on network communication and its integration with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

- The best thing about working at SEAM was getting the opportunity to test out what it means to work as an engineer, and to get to work on a physical project, he says.

These experiences not only expanded their technical knowledge but also allowed them to witness theory in action.

Thriving in Collaborative Environments

The most exciting aspect of their summer internships at SEAM has been the collaborative spirit. Andreas Våge Sørbotten highlights the joy of working within a diverse, interdisciplinary team, emphasizing the mutual support and assistance that have led to a deeper understanding of concepts.

For Daniel Evensen, the allure lay in the opportunity to work on unexplored projects. The thrill of venturing into uncharted territory within SEAM has been exhilarating, as they test new waters and explore the possibilities.

- It has been quite exciting to work in an interdisciplinary team, with an automation engineer and an electrical power engineer. It's both exciting and nice to have the opportunity to test theory and put it into practice.

Andreas Bruvik cherished the opportunity to work with skilled colleagues, broadening his professional network and enriching his experience through collaboration.

A Call to Future Aspirants

Their collective advice for future students considering applying for a Sildikon Valley Summer Internship is unanimous: Apply!

Andreas Våge Sørbotten encourages others to embrace the program, noting that it offers a comprehensive insight into the practical application of academic knowledge.

Daniel Evensen passionately endorses the program as well, as an investment in both personal and professional growth.

- This opportunity is truly worth it. You'll work on projects that matter to the company and develop yourself personally and professionally, he says.

He urges students to seize the chance to work on projects that matter to companies and to experience theory in action.

Andreas Bruvik leaves no doubt that the Sildikon Valley program is a gateway to exploration and opportunity. He advises aspiring interns to consider it a chance to gain valuable industry insights, practical experience, and a network that extends beyond academia.

- I would encourage everyone to apply. You get much better insights into how things you learn in your studies, actually work in practice.

A Win-Win Situation

The Sildikon Valley program, as illuminated through their stories, stands as an open invitation for students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering personal, professional, and innovative development. The companies participating in the program also gain a great deal from inviting young students to learn more about, and actively work with their own solutions and products.

Pål G. Eide, SEAM's R&D Manager, acknowledges the value of gaining fresh perspectives from young students.

- These young, enthusiastic students bring a vibrant energy and new outlook into our projects. Their academic experiences infuse innovative approaches that are invaluable. The interns' contributions have brought novel insights and alternative solutions to ongoing challenges, enriching SEAM's research and development efforts.

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