Sildikon Valley 2023: Meet the Dynamic Trio

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July 14, 2023
This summer, three, enthusiastic students will deal with the topics of power electronics, automation, and software development as part of the Sildikon Valley project at SEAM. The students will demonstrate proof of concept for live data reading, acquisition, and analysis from a typical marine power automation setup. Join us as we introduce you to Daniel Evensen, Andreas Sørbotten, and Andreas Bruvik; our 2023 Sildikon Valley summer interns.

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From left: Daniel Evensen, Andreas Sørbotten and Andreas Bruvik will be completing their Sildikon Valley internship at SEAM this summer.

A Fusion of Talent and Aspiration:

These talented interns each bring a unique skill set to the table. Daniel, a brilliant data engineering student from Haugesund, was drawn to SEAM after discovering the opportunities presented by the Sildikon Valley program.

“After talking to the representatives from SEAM at the Sildikon Valley event at NTNU in Trondheim, I decided to apply there. The company stood out among the rest, and it was particularly important for me to find a project related to my computer engineering studies”, he explains.

Daniel Evensen is currently studying data engineering at NTNU.

Andreas S., with a keen interest in technology and a deep appreciation for sustainability, was inspired to join the program due to its focus on relevant and future-oriented projects. “The projects are designed in such a way that I can have the opportunity to work with something that is relevant to my studies. I chose to apply at SEAM because their work is interesting and future-oriented”.

Andreas B., driven by a desire to apply his education to real-world challenges, recognized SEAM as the perfect platform to explore the efficient and innovative aspects of the maritime industry. “It’s going to be very exciting to see how maritime systems can be made more efficient”, he says.

Embracing Personal and Professional Growth:

During their time at SEAM, these interns harbor ambitious aspirations for personal and professional development. Daniel is excited to expand his knowledge of hardware, a domain he has yet to explore extensively, and looks forward to witnessing the outcome of their collaborative project.

Andreas S. aims to build upon his academic foundation and witness firsthand how his studies can be applied in a professional setting. “I look forward to getting to know the people and working together to find a good solution to our task”, he says.

Andreas B., eager to gain valuable work experience and insights into the corporate world, anticipates the rewarding process of teamwork and problem-solving.

Andreas Sørbotten is a promising automation w/robotics student at HVL.

The Thrill of Maritime Systems and the Promise of the Future:

The interns' passion for sustainability and its integration with emerging technologies is palpable. Daniel, although relatively new to the hardware field, finds great intrigue in observing how a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can control motors and relay data to a computer. He is particularly fascinated by projects involving the conversion of ammonia to hydrogen for powering ships and the development of ferries capable of easy battery replacement and full electrification.

Andreas S. is captivated by the ongoing efforts to make ships and boats more environmentally friendly. He highlights the implementation of battery systems that significantly reduce diesel emissions as a pivotal advancement. “I’ll be particularly interested in following the Amogy-project that SEAM is currently working on, where they aim to convert a tugboat to fully electric operations by using ammonia as a fuel source”, he says.

Andreas B. finds excitement in the realm of innovative solutions, such as the automation of battery exchange on vessels.

Andreas Bruvik has a BA in Electric Power Engineering from HVL

A World of Possibilities:

As these interns approach the end of their educational journey, their career paths are still taking shape. Daniel remains open to various possibilities, including software development, website design, AI, and data analysis. He intends to use the valuable work experience gained at SEAM, along with upcoming elective courses at NTNU, to make an informed decision about his future.

Andreas S., although uncertain about his post-graduation plans, recognizes SEAM as an exciting company that aligns with his aspirations.

Andreas B. envisions himself working on the development of groundbreaking and inventive solutions, with the maritime sector currently holding great appeal.

Daniel, Andreas S., and Andreas B. represent the bright future of maritime innovation. Their enthusiasm, curiosity, and dedication to technology, zero-emission systems, and innovation make them exceptional contributors to the field. These talented interns serve as a testament to the power of youthful ambition and the transformative potential of emerging technologies, and we are very excited to see what they come up with during their time with us.

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