Parliamentary representative, Sveinung Stensland, completes one-day summer internship at SEAM

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August 31, 2023
Sveinung Stensland, Parliamentary Representative for Rogaland, embarked on a transformative journey when he completed a one-day summer internship at SEAM. This opportunity allowed him to connect with local businesses, a cause close to his heart.

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Reflecting on his decision to apply, Stensland shared, "The reason was a quite clear invitation through the media. It is still important for me to have contact with local businesses, so this was a good opportunity. It’s especially fulfilling when the companies provide such a good program as SEAM did."

During his day at Husøy, Stensland gained valuable insights into the company's operations and the markets it operates in. He deepened his understanding of the technology SEAM develops and the opportunities it presents for the future, as well as the role of public and private collaborations in realizing ambitious environmental goals.

"I learned a lot about the company and the markets they operate in, and I got a much better overview of the technology and the opportunities ahead."


Sveinung Stensland, known for his commitment to sustainable policies and fostering innovation, spent a full workday at SEAM, engaging in both theoretical and practical training sessions focusing on SEAM's systems and products.

Stensland working with starting an engine at SEAM's battery lab at Husøy. Photo: SEAM

These sessions were accompanied by in-depth discussions about SEAM's strides in developing green, maritime solutions. Together with CEO at SEAM, Gunvald Mortvedt, he also delved into the essential criteria for further development, and the crucial roles played by public administration and maritime clusters in achieving Norway's environmental objectives and goals for a zero-emission maritime industry.


Reflecting on his visit, Stensland shared, "It was particularly interesting to hear about future energy carriers, and how regulations and practical aspects affect these."


He emphasized the vital role of companies like SEAM in driving innovation in Norway. He also highlighted the pivotal responsibility of political representatives in ensuring access to expertise, improving infrastructure, securing research funding, and facilitating access to critical areas and power resources.

"It's the industry itself, and the businesses, that are most important in this development," Stensland emphasized.

"Politicians and regulatory bodies can accommodate for that happening, but it's the collaboration between ship owners and suppliers that provides the best foundation for further development."

Getting to Zero Emissions

When discussing the ambitious climate goals set for the maritime industry, especially deep-sea shipping, Stensland stressed the importance of collaboration among suppliers, operators, and ship owners to find effective solutions.


"These goals are achievable in short-sea shipping, but for deep-sea, we need to think differently," he noted. "Us politicians need to accommodate and provide incentives, but the solution lies somewhere between the ship owners, operators, and the suppliers."


Norway stands as a global leader in the development of green maritime technology and sustainable maritime operations. Stensland firmly believes that maintaining this position requires a willingness to take calculated risks and a commitment to groundbreaking endeavors.

"We need to keep doing what we are doing, be efficient and be willing to take risks," he asserted. "With that in mind, I think the answers lie in groundbreaking companies, such as SEAM."


During his visit, Stensland also had the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, including fitting an IAS board, which he found both enlightening and enjoyable.


"It was a lot of fun to work on the power distribution with Therese (Knædal)," he exclaimed.


"Sometimes I miss working with tangible things, and not just sitting in meetings, writing, and discussing. Maybe I should apply for a power distribution fitter job when I'm done with politics."

Sveinung Stensland completed his one-day summer internship with high remarks from the team in the workshop. Phot: SEAM

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